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Away We Go, 3 Piece Travel Bag

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Off you go with everything packed in it's own little space!!  These travel bags are a necessity for every women!!  They are super cute and they are lined with inside pockets.  The top cinches closed once you have put all your bathroom or makeup items in.  You also get a bonus clear package that is perfect for makeup brushes, tooth brushes, or cotton tips, tweezers, etc.  You also get a smaller zip bag that can be attached to the inside of the large tote once you have finished packing and you're ready to close it up.  Girls, I don't go anywhere without my bag packed.  I actually have 2 of them.  Once for makeup and one for bathroom items like shampoo, cleanser, dry shampoo, etc.  Snag yours fast and if you really want to make someones day, buy them one too.  They will love it.  Especially if they are headed on vacation, planning college in the Fall, Easter Basket stuffers, and Birthdays.