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Blue Light Blocker Glasses
Blue Light Blocker Glasses

Blue Light Blocker Glasses

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Who else needs these besides me?  I'm always straining to see after being on the computer for many hours every single day!!  These are pure perfection when it comes to your eyes!!  Available in 3 different colors.  

Lens: resin
Function: anti-blue light
Protect your eyes - High-energy blue light from electronic devices such as computers, televisions, and smartphones increases the risk of vision from dry eyes to degraded eyeballs.
Blu-ray protection - Gamma-ray computer/game glasses minimize digital eye fatigue caused by unwanted blue light. These glasses are ideal for use as games/computer glasses, reducing the visual fatigue and discomfort of working on laptops for a long time, surfing the Internet on a PC or laptop, playing games and watching videos.
Improve performance and productivity - Exposure to blue light for extended periods of time can cause fatigue and stress. By filtering out high-energy blue light, you can focus on the work, game or task at hand.