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Geez Louise, Flip Flop Sandals

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Every heard anyone say "GEEZ LOUISE"?  Well girls, you have heard it NOW.  When I first saw these Fab sandals those were my 1st words.  The rest of my sentence went like this...Geez Louise, where have you been all my life!!  You are Fabulous!!  You fit on my feet like house shoes, your insoles make my feet long for you, and I love the extra height you give me with your light weight thick soles.  Actually, the best part of these just might be...THEY ARE WHITE!!  It's so hard to find a cute, comfy, and stylish pair of white shoes to rock during the summer!!  Ladies, if you ask me what my favorite summer shoe is, here is your answer!!  Oh, I almost forgot to mention the fray straps and the comfort toe piece.  These fit TTS and come in sizes 6-10.