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Goli Gummies (SET OF 2)

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GIRLS,  I give praise where praise is deserved and these Gummies deserve it.  I've personally been taking them for over a year and I can attest to how much better I feel and how much my blood work has improved.  The apple cider vinegar Gummies taste like sweet apples to me and the Superfruits are fabulous too.  I love keeping mine in the refrig and eating them cold.  I will say that since I've started taking these, my HDL has gone from 29 to 41.  It's never been over 30 and that was with eating right, working out, and taking other Vitamins.  Now, I do have to state that I'm not telling you that these Gummies will do the same for you but I'm just sharing my experience.  The Superfruits has all the vitamins you would need on a daily basis just by taking 2 a day.   Each bottle contains 60 Gummies each.  These sell for $24.99 each at other places...I'm super excited to share them with you for a fraction of that.  *DAIRY AND GLUTEN FREE.  VEGAN*