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In The Mood, Wax Melts

In The Mood, Wax Melts

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These scents will put you in a happy mood!  Trust us!  Just pour a few into your wax melter and let the fragrance fill the air!!  These melts are also perfect gifts for teachers, co-workers, or friends and family.  Buy multiples though....once you smell're going to want to keep them.  These melts come in a cute tin that will keep them smelling fresh for up to 12 months or more. 


Fresh (Like a fresh load of laundry...this scent will make your house smell amazing even if it's dirty...:)

Honeysuckle: This amazing scent smells just like Honeysuckles.  So if your not ready to give Spring and Summer up just yet, grab this one.  It's a beautiful smell that will keep you in a fab mood.

Patchouli:  This amazing scent will remind you of your man right after he gets out of the know what I mean if you need a manly smell....grab this one.

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