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Non-Toxic Essential Oil Bug Repelling Stickers

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Repel bugs naturally, Especially those pesky Mosquitoes. These Anti mosquito patches  emits natural aromas which are effective in keep mosquitoes away. They are Waterproof, deet free, non-toxic, and non-staining!!  These come in sets of 5 with 6 per sheet and random colors.  Total 30 stickers!!

They are 100% natural oils with the ingredients being:

Citronella oil 70%

eucalyptus 10%

peppermint 10%


Besides having repelling properties, the aroma effects are beneficial also. Great for camping, fishing, hiking, sunbathing, golfing, biking, or any occasion that may leave you in the presence of bugs.

They Lasts 12-24 hours.

Simply remove sticker and apply to any area of clothing, backpack, swimsuit, socks, desks, chairs, tents, but do not place on skin directly. After opening keep in an airtight container.