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So Me, Hoodie

So Me, Hoodie

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Know girl, if your first thought was "that's so me"!!  Then you need to cart this cutie now.  You're going to love this beauty...she's all that and more.  That raw hem detailing on the v neckline and hoodie is so chic and that horizontal ribbings is trending right from the runway to your closet.  Plus this cutie is soft and fabulous for any day of the week.  Whether you're heading to dinner with the hubby or taking the kids to Chic Fil A, you're going to feel so put together.  Don't let this fabulous fall fashion slip from your fingers.  GO cart it now.  This hoodie features a raw hem v-neckline, rib fabric, and tts fit.  I'm modeling a medium with a 34D bust and 5 pants.  eta 11/16


Small: 39.1"

Medium: 41.3"

Large:  43.7"

XL:  46.9"

2X: 50"

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