About Us!

Samantha Watson - Owner of Your Beautiful Boutique

Samantha, Wife to Kevin and a Mother to Dylon, had a vision of owning her own boutique and saw that vision come to fruition in February of 2017 when she owned the doors of Your Beautiful Boutique to the Community of Carrollton, Georgia. Now YBB has grown into one of the most loved boutiques in Carrollton. One of Sam's favorite thing about owning YBB is being able to socialize with all the customers (online & in store) and really make them feel great in their skin as well as laughing each and every day with Hollie, Naomi, and Anna! 

Hollie McNeil - Office Manager 

Hollie, Wife to Justin and a Mother to 2 beautiful kids, was there from the beginning helping Sam every step of the way, when first starting the business. From calling vendors, posting online, making sure everything was running and operating smoothly, she has been there from the beginning. Hollie's favorite thing about working at YBB is helping the ladies put together outfits that fits their style and making a difference in each and every woman's life that walks through the doors of YBB, or shops online as well as getting free Starbucks and donuts at work every now and then! 

Naomi Hack - Model/Retail Associate 

Naomi, Wife to josh and Mother to 3 beautiful kids, also known as " Yams" at YBB, joined the family a few months ago. She is the life of the party at YBB, she makes sure that each and every lady is take care of when they walk through the door, she helps put outfits together, and really goes the extra mile to make sure all the ladies feel welcome and comfortable! Not only that, but she is a stunning model for us! Naomi's favorite thing about working at YBB is heloing each and every customer feel great and she loves the work environment  with Sam, Hollie, and Anna! 

Aubree Lee - Social Media Coordinator

Aubree, soon to be married to Alix also known as Aubs, joined the YBB family in May of 2018! Aubree took the pictures of all the inventory and kept up with the inventory, and was the photographer for all our beautiful models! Although she does not physically work with us anymore, she still keeps up to date with our social media and makes sure the website looks great for our online shoppers! Her favorite thing about working at YBB, is being able to be creative and help bring traffic to our store as well as being able to be herself around Sam, Hollie, Naomi, and Anna! 

Anna Wilson - Retail Organizer 

Anna, also known as Anna Banana, is our sweet senior in high school that brings so much joy to all of us here at YBB. Anna is so amazing at making sure EVERYTHING is organized in the store! When a bunch of inventory comes in she is there to organize each piece by style, color and size! She makes sure all pick up orders are in alphabetical order, so there is as little confusion when picking up orders as possible! Anna goes ABOVE and BEYOND to makes sure we are always organized! Anna's favorite thing about working at YBB, is taking care of Snuggles (YBB Store Dog)  when he is constantly begging for attention while Sam is helping our ladies and helping out wherever she is needed!